Eyelash extensions should naturally adhere well. Within 0.5 to 2 seconds? It’s all possible! Check out our adhesive here.

  • INSANE All Season Glue


    insane; a glue that can be used in all seasons! This is because it is effective at a humidity between 30% and 90% and a temperature of up to 35°C. This adhesive is very low in vapour, is oil and water resistant and is a very strong adhesive with up to 12 weeks retention. This glue has a drying time of 0.5-1 second and is therefore only suitable for the advanced eyelash stylist.

  • Sweet Love Sensitive Glue

    An adhesive based on Butyl acrylate. Butyl acrylate is used in hospitals as a skin glue and is also the most friendly glue for the eyes. This glue has no fumes and only a slight odor. The reason this glue is not used as standard for eyelash glues is because it is normally weak and does not give the desired results in terms of drying time and retention. However, this glue is produced with a new technology, whereby we have a retention of 8 weeks with a drying time of 1 sec. Of course it remains an acrylic glue, so no guarantee can be given that no allergic reaction will occur.

  • SELECTED by Britt


    Our newest glue selected by our trainer Britt Gerritsen!

    A very powerful adhesive that can be used at any humidity below 90% and at a temperature between 18 and 27 degrees. This glue has little to no fumes.

    Drying time: 1 sec.

    Retention: 7-8 weeks


  • So Addicted 0.2-0.5 sec


    Our newest glue! So Addicted

    A very strong adhesive with a drying time of 0.2 – 0.5 Sec. Due to the fast drying time, this glue is only suitable for the very advanced eyelash stylist.

    Humidity: 40%-70%

    Temperature: 18-23 degrees

    Retention: 6-8 weeks

    Content: 5g

     14,25 32,50
  • Attitude Upgrade Version 1 sec /5g


    Our bestseller Attitude has gotten an upgrade! This one can be used with a humidity level between the 15% and 80% with a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees. Of course it is still low in fumes!
    Drying time: 1 sec.
    Amount: 5g

    Available in 2g

     14,50 26,95
  • Attitude Extreme Master Adhesive 2 sec.


    Onze bestseller Attitude!

    Deze lijm is te gebruiken met een luchtvochtigheid tussen de 15% en 80% en bij een temperatuur tussen de 15 en 30 graden. Deze lijm is laag in dampen.

    Droogtijd: 2 sec.

    Ook verkrijgbaar in 0.5 sec en 1 sec droogtijd

    Verkrijgbaar in 2g en 5g


     14,50 26,95

Eyelash extension adhesive Oh My Lash

With 10 different types of adhesive for eyelash extensions, we are the largest provider in the Netherlands. The main difference lies in the drying time of the eyelash extension adhesive. What is the best adhesive for eyelash extensions? Take into account the temperature and humidity of the working environment.

To determine this, use a hygrometer/thermometer. Alternatively, refer to the table that describes which adhesive is best suited for a specific environment.

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