3D Gold Filler Mascara

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The 3D Gold Filler as aftercare product for the customer, to use at home in a handy mascara tube! Advise your clients to use the 3D Goldfiller three times a week for a quick visible result

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3D Lash Filler

The 3D Lash Filler is an intensive treatment to strengthen the eyelashes with high quality, active ingredients from the inside. Because of this effect, the hair density and the growth of the eyelashes will increase.

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We only use the best active ingredients for our 3D Gold Filler:
Vitamin E is a free radical catcher and antioxidant that protects the cells.
Ceramides keep the hair structure together. They form an impermeable layer for water and protect the eyelashes from harmful external influences and loss of moisture. This is the basic condition to have beautiful eyelashes.
Hyaluronic acid has the ability to store moisture more than a thousand times its original weight. This increases the moisture deposits in the lashes and it increases the density.
Milk peptides make you beautiful.  The paptides are rich in essential fatty acids and are the perfect proteins for healthy lashes.
Gold: this precious metal has a detoxifying, anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory influence on the hair. It protects the hair against influences from the outside. It interacts in synergie with hyaluronic acid and strengthens the hair.
Because this intense cocktail of active ingredients the structure of the lashes will be repaired and supplemented.
The result of this treatment will last for a maximum of 3 months.

Instructions: Apply a small amount 3D Lash Filler onto the eyelashes with a suitable applicator, Let sit for one minute and brush through the lashes.

For the best result, we advice to apply the Mrs. Lastlift keratin & Collagen Laminator after the use of Mrs. LashLift 3D filler.
Our products are all in synergy; which means that the combination of products will strengthen each other and increase each others effect when used together.


Advice: Use three times a week

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1 piece, 5 pcs

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