Browycoon Henna Chocolate

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Henna paint Chocolate

Henna paint

  • henna for eyebrows
  • Color: Chocolate
  • Ca. 75 treatments
  • Stays 5 to 14 days on the skin and 6 weeks in the hairs, which is much longer than regular eyebrow paint.
  • Intructions:
    Take 3 scoops Henna and put it in a plastic cup (included)
    Add BrowTastic Aqua
    Mix everything together until it is a (soy-like) paste.

HENNA has the property to color the skin, the longer you let the henna sit the deeper it wil penetrate the upper layer of the skin!

You can let BrowTycoon sit for a shorter while, but the coloring on the skin will be “superficial”
For the best result, we recommend at least 15 minutes of exposure time.


ATTENTION! Always use a patch test to prevent an allergic reaction!!!

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