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Premade fans and promade fans for fast and quality results

Are you looking for a way to give your customers a fuller look, but also want to save time? Are you not trained in Russian Volume yet, or are you looking for a faster alternative for your customers when it comes to eyelash extensions? Then the premade fans and promade volume fans of Oh My Lash! are the perfect solution for you!

With premade fans and promade fans you save time, without compromising quality. If you’re just starting out as a stylist, this is a very nice eyelash to start with. But this is also a fantastic product to work with for the experienced eyelash stylist.

Oh My Lash! is the wholesaler when it comes to eyelash extensions and eyebrow styling. With us you will find different types of premade and promade volume lashes. Like promade super fans, promade narrow fans, promade wispy fans and promade spikes. With these fans you can create any desired look for your customer.

Premade en promade fans,
ready-to-use eyelash extensions

Today, there are so many types of eyelash extensions with all kinds of benefits. From the most beautiful materials to the smartest techniques. But the product itself also continues to develop.

The premade and promade fans are the newest, ultralight eyelash extensions. Premade fans are of very nice quality, and the work of making beautiful volume fans has already been done for you. The premade and promade fans are a perfect ready-to-use solution and an alternative that comes very close to natural handmade eyelash extensions.

The technique of application comes close to the One by One. This allows both the novice and the experienced stylist to work well with premade and promade fans. In addition, it takes less time. This is pleasant for the customer and you as a stylist.

The fan can be applied directly to the lashes, creating a beautiful volume lift effect.

Are pre- and promade fans harmful to natural lashes?

As with the One by One technique and the Volume technique, it is important that you take into account the health, thickness, and bearing capacity of the natural lashes so that you do not damage them. We have already made a pre-selection for you.

For example, the 3D fans are made with 0.07 eyelash extensions, and the 8D with 0.05 eyelash extensions. Despite this, it is still important to consider the customer’s eyelashes.

You can place less D with fragile lashes than with firm, thick and healthy lashes. We also recommend the promade fans for fragile and/or damaged eyelashes. Not only because of the weight, but the result will also be more natural. This is because the base of this is super thin.

What are the pros and cons of pre- and promade fans?

You don’t need Russian Volume training to work with premade and promade fans. If you have followed the basic training One by One, you can start working with the premade and promade fans. Placing these fans is the same as the One by One eyelash extensions. However, it is important that you know the theory behind volume lashes in order not to damage the natural lashes.

If you normally have followed a Russian Volume training, months of practice are required to master the technique of making fans. And to place lovely sets. With the premade and promade fans, you can immediately make beautiful sets at the same time you need when placing a set One by One. The work is already done for you. The ready-to-use fans are nicely symmetrically shaped. A big advantage of working with the pre- and promade fans.

High quality with ready-to-use eyelash extensions

With the ready-to-use eyelash extensions promade and premade fans, you can treat more customers and thus generate more sales. We all know the saying ‘time is money’. And of course, this also applies to your customers, who like to spend their precious free time on other things as well. And in our experience, customers are willing to pay more for treatment because of time.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to mention. For example, a box of fans is quite pricey. However, when you can eventually do more customers in a day, working with the premade and promades is still profitable.

Another disadvantage may be that you cannot create the fan according to your wishes. For example, you cannot make the fan narrower or wider. In addition, when you make and place a fan yourself, it wraps around the natural lash. This ensures better retention. This is not the case with preformed impellers.

The Premade and Promade fans in our assortment

In the range of Oh My Lash! we have several premade and promade fans. We briefly explain them. If you would like more information about the premade fans or promade fans from our range, please contact us.

1. Premade fans

Premade fans are machine-made fans connected to the base using a minimal amount of glue. For the eyelash stylists with even less experience, the premade fans are easier to work with than the promade fans. The premade fans are available in 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 8D in C, CC, and D curl.

2. Promade fans

Promade fans are hand-crafted fans that are heat-bonded to the base. We have a wide range of different fans from the promade fans:

    1. Super Fans:
      Super fans lashes are made like the standard fans for a fluffy effect. A super fan gives maximum coverage and fills in small gaps in the lash line. The super fans are available in 4D, 6D, and 8D in CC and D curl.
    2. Narrow Fans:
      Narrow fans have a narrower fan with a slightly longer base than the super fans. This creates a beautiful, dark, and full look. Due to the longer base, you have a larger adhesive surface which results in better retention. Narrow fans are available in 5D and 7D in CC and D curl.
    3. Wispy Fans:
      Are you a big fan of the Kim K. look? Then these wispy fans are for you! These fans have a spike in the middle to create this look very easily. Alternate the super fans with the occasional wispy fan and you have your Kim K. look! Wispy fans lashes can be used with the super fans. Do you prefer to use narrow fans? Then you can use the spikes to create the Kim K. look. Our wispy fans are available in 5D in CC and D curl.
    4. Spikes:
      Promade Spikes are made by hand from 5 extensions in a very narrow range. In this way, a spike is created. Perfect for creating the Kim K. look! Spikes can be used with both the super fans and the narrow fans and are available in CC and D curl.

Wholesale promade fans and premade fans

Do you want to offer eyelash extensions to your customers in the beauty salon? For everything you need as a professional stylist, from eyelash extensions to training and all supplies, you can go to Oh My Lash!, the online wholesaler for eyelash extensions.

Quality and safety are our top priorities. And we also think service is very important. We are aware of the latest techniques and development. And all lashes are cruelty-free.

You will find at Oh My Lash! a large collection of eyelash extensions, both the One by One technique and the Volume technique. The material of the eyelash extensions is Polybutylene Terephthalate fibers, abbreviated PBT. This also applies to the new premade and promade fans. Do you prefer a different type of extensions, but made of the same material? Then take a look at Silk, Mink, or Faux Mink eyelash extensions.

Want to know more about eyelash extensions, we have collected all the information for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from other customers

Premade Volume Fans are ready-to-use volume fans that are machined and joined together at the base using a minimal amount of glue. Placing the fans is according to the same technique as that of the One by One technique. These premade fans are made of high-quality PBT.
Promade fans are ready-to-use volume fans that are made by hand and connected at the base using heat.

Premade fans and promades are not wrapped around the natural lashes, as is possible when you make volume lashes yourself. This makes the retention of promade and premade fans comparable to the One by One eyelash extensions. Promade fans have slightly better retention because they are lighter, and the base is very thin and therefore merges better with the natural eyelash. The advice with promades is to place it through the bottom or side of the natural lash. The premade fans are best placed on top of the lashes.

Just like with One by One eyelash extensions, the eyelashes remain in place for 4 to 6 weeks if placed correctly. However, it is necessary to top up every 2 to 3 weeks, because we lose 2-3 natural eyelash hairs per day from the eyelash cycle. Extensions are then placed on the newly arrived eyelash hairs.

The difference between premade and promade fans is how the fans are connected. Premade fans are machined and bonded together with glue. This gives them a thicker base. Promade fans are handmade and heat bonded together and have a thin pointed base. These two fans are sometimes confused by the small difference.


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Curious about the premade and promade eyelash extensions?
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Curious about the premade and promade eyelash extensions?
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