• Stuck on You – Super Bonder SAMPLE 3ml

    Stuck on You – Super Bonder heeft veel voordelen maar het meest fantastische is wel dat het de retentie met wel meer dan  30% verhoogt.

    Het verhoogt de flexibiliteit van de lijm en verbetert de hechting met de wimperextensions aan de natuurlijke wimper en helpt de dampen van de lijm te verminderen en irritatie aan de ogen van de klant te verminderen.

    Super Bonder versnelt de droogtijd van de lijm waardoor jou klant drie minuten na de behandeling haar wimpers nat kan maken.

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  • Get Affection – Speed Up Solution SAMPLE 3ml

    An absolute must-have for every eyelash stylist!
    This speed-up solution accelerates the curing process of the glue without a shock effect.
    When the Speed ​​up comes into contact with the glue, the Speed ​​up allows the glue to harden faster. This is very useful when the humidity is too low and glue that dry less quickly, but also to prevent stickies and to keep the fans in a nice shape (easy fanning).

    Low humidity: When the humidity is too low, apply the Speed ​​Up on the base of the eyelash extensions on the part where the extension enters the glue. The curing process starts and prevents stickies and falling of the extensions.

    Easy Fanning: if your humidity is standard and if you use the Speed ​​Up with the volume technique to prevent your fans from collapsing, then apply the Speed ​​Up Solution just above the base of the strip, so that the part where the fan is the glue goes in is free. This way you prevent your quick-drying glue from drying too quickly and you have no adhesion.
    You dip your fan in the glue and the Speed ​​Up Solution and it will  prevent the glue from comming upwards at the right point and this maintain your beautifully shaped fan.

    After applying the Speed ​​up, the curing process takes about 30 minutes. Then you can apply the eyelash strips again.

    We do not recommend using the Speed ​​Up Solution when the humidity is too high for your glue, otherwise you have the chance that the glue will dry too quickly.

  • MRS. (ALWAYS) RIGHT – Glue Dry Liquid SAMPLE 3ml

    A new generation Lash Cosmetics!

    Immediately after treatment, encapsulate the adhesive fumes with our Glue Dry Liquid to prevent irritation and the change of an (allergic) reaction.

    Glue dry Liquid increases retention by more than 30% because it adds elasticity to the bond, making the glue less likely to break. Cyanoacrylate itself isn’t flexible, which is one of the reasons why the eyelashes can fall out after a while.

    Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, will keep the lashes hydrated, healthy and strong.

    Instructions: after the treatment, apply a drop of glue dry liquid to a microbrush and apply this to the attachment of the extensions.

    Warning: this product is not suitable if an allergy to the glue has already been developed!


  • Sample Trio

    Try out our bestsellers!

    Love Potion – Vitamin C primer

    Get Affection – Speed Up Solution

    Mrs. Always Right – Glue Dry Liquid (Superbonder)


    3ml sample bottles

    Sample Trio

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  • Love Potion – Vitamin C Primer SAMPLE 3ml

    Convince yourself of the value of the Love Potion Vitamin C Primer with this sample package.

    Love Potion is here to change your lashlife!
    This new generation Primer is THE all in one primer. It cleans very thoroughly and removes all dirt and oils. It has a neutral Ph level (same as tear fluid), the primer does not burn and ensures a very good attachment with the glue.

    This Primer does not only cleans the eyelashes and ensures better adhesion, it also nourishes the eyelash with active ingredients which are carefully selected and are packed with vitamins.
    Amino acids: takes care of the natural eyelashes
    Soy extract: keeps the lashes hydrated
    Biotin: stimulates hair growth and protects the eyelashes because it is has a lot of antioxidants
    Vitamin C: keeps the lashes healthy and prevents the lash from breaking.

    The Love Potion optimizes a humidity that is too low, because it allows the adhesive to harden faster. The primer is PH Neutral, and therefore close to the PH values ​​in the lotions of the Lash Volume Lift, this is also the best pre-treatment for an eyelash lift treatment to achieve fantastic results.

    Note: With very fast-drying glue and the right humidity, we recommend using the Sweet Kiss Cleaner or Mrs. (always) Right Alcohol-free Cleaner after applying the Love Potion to prevent the glue from hardening too quickly and therefore losing its retention.
    In this way, with the right humidity, you can still use the fantastic benefits that the Love Potion has to offer, also with very fast-drying glue.

    Directions for use: apply the primer with an applicator on the natural lashes and let it dry for 10-20 seconds. For a even better result, use the Mrs. Right Glue Dry Liquid.

    3 ml
    Made in EU

  • Femme Fatale – Luxury Silk Lashes Sample Tray

    Femme Fatale, the name of our newest eyelashes and that’s not for nothing! Something you have to see, feel and experience!
    The eyelashes are very flexible and deep matte black in color. The Femme Fatal eyelashes give a slightly fuller look than our Midnight Affair lashes because the sharpened point is a little shorter.

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