Color Lashes

Prefer lashes with a color? Our Color Lashes are available in 13 different colors, so there is undoubtedly a set that fits your customer’s wishes. Nice for a special occasion such as a festival. View our range of Color Lashes below.

  • Color Lashes 0.07


    The color lashes of Oh My Lash! are available in C, CC and L curl in the thickness 0.07 and in 13 colors!

    White, Gold, Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink, Red, Yellow / Green, Green, Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Blue, Light Violet, Violet.

    A mix tray contains 16 rows with the sizes 5-14.

    1x 5mm, 1x 6mm, 1x 7mm, 1x 8mm, 2x 9mm, 3x 10mm, 3x 11mm, 2x 12mm, 1x 3mm, 1x 14mm

     11,50 19,95

Ordering colored lashes

The color lashes are made of high-quality PBT fiber that is coated with a hypoallergenic dye. This means that colored eyelash extensions can be used just like the other eyelash extensions. Our colored lashes can be ordered in mixed trays ranging from lengths 5 to 14, with 16 rows per box, and are available in C, CC, and L curls.

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