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  • Be Lovely – Lash Shampoo 10ml


    Our Lash Shampoo in a 10ml mini packaging. Put these in a organa bag with a mascara brush and a mini aftercare card and you have the perfect gift for your customers when they buy a new set. This way you stimulate them to keep their eyelashes clean. And it is also a very nice sales product.

     18,25 83,75

    Be Lovely – Lash Shampoo 10ml

     18,25 83,75
  • Rhinestone Brush (pink & black)

    Beautiful cleansing brush with rhinestones for use with the lash shampoo to clean and maintain the eyelash extensions.

    Available in black and pink

    1 piece 2.50

    3 pieces 6,-

     3,50 9,50

    Rhinestone Brush (pink & black)

     3,50 9,50
  • Eyelash cleaning brush 5 pieces


    Perfect for cleaning your eyelash extensions in combination with the Be Lovely Lash Shampoo

  • SWEETNESS – Make Up Remover

    This oil free Make-up Remover is very soft on the skin, but still very effective. Especially the sensitive area around the eyes. It is calming, softening and nourishing thanks to Aloë Vera, Panthenol en Allantoin.

    Contents 100ml

  • Flirt – Easy Fan Liner


    Prevents that the eyelash line shifts upwards into your fan and causes it to shut.
    Apply 1mm from the bottom of the eyelash strip with the brush and apply further as you do normally.

    Works with all types of eyelash glues!

  • Love Potion – Vitamin C Primer SAMPLE 3ml

    Convince yourself of the value of the Love Potion Vitamin C Primer with this sample package.

    Love Potion is here to change your lashlife!
    This new generation Primer is THE all in one primer. It cleans very thoroughly and removes all dirt and oils. It has a neutral Ph level (same as tear fluid), the primer does not burn and ensures a very good attachment with the glue.

    This Primer does not only cleans the eyelashes and ensures better adhesion, it also nourishes the eyelash with active ingredients which are carefully selected and are packed with vitamins.
    Amino acids: takes care of the natural eyelashes
    Soy extract: keeps the lashes hydrated
    Biotin: stimulates hair growth and protects the eyelashes because it is has a lot of antioxidants
    Vitamin C: keeps the lashes healthy and prevents the lash from breaking.

    The Love Potion optimizes a humidity that is too low, because it allows the adhesive to harden faster. The primer is PH Neutral, and therefore close to the PH values ​​in the lotions of the Lash Volume Lift, this is also the best pre-treatment for an eyelash lift treatment to achieve fantastic results.

    Note: With very fast-drying glue and the right humidity, we recommend using the Sweet Kiss Cleaner or Mrs. (always) Right Alcohol-free Cleaner after applying the Love Potion to prevent the glue from hardening too quickly and therefore losing its retention.
    In this way, with the right humidity, you can still use the fantastic benefits that the Love Potion has to offer, also with very fast-drying glue.

    Directions for use: apply the primer with an applicator on the natural lashes and let it dry for 10-20 seconds. For a even better result, use the Mrs. Right Glue Dry Liquid.

    3 ml
    Made in EU

  • LOVE POTION – Vitamin C Primer


    Love Potion is here to change your lashlife!

    This new generation Primer is THE all in one primer. It cleanses thoroughly and clears all the dirt and oil residue. Because it has a neutral PH-level (the same value as tear fluid) the primer won’t cause a burning sensation and it provides a good adhesion with the glue.

    This Primer doesn’t only cleans the eyelashes and provides a better adhesion, it also nourishes the eyelashes due to carefully selected active ingredients and is packed with vitamins.

  • MRS. (ALWAYS) RIGHT – Alcohol Free Lash Cleaner


    A new generation Lash Cosmetics!

    A mild and deep cleansing Lash Cleaner without the addition of alcohol, Developed specially for the very sensitive eyes.

  • SWEET KISS – Lash Cleaner with Biotin

    This High-Tech Lash Cleaner with a lovely fragrance will provide an optimal pre treatment of the eyelashes.

  • FRESH START – Hand Disinfectant

    Clean your hands effectively before every treatment with Lashlove Fresh Start hand disinfectant.

     5,50 8,50

    FRESH START – Hand Disinfectant

     5,50 8,50