Glue & Glue accessoires

Without good glue, you are nowhere! Eyelash extensions must be well attached. Within 1 to 2 seconds or 2 to 4 seconds? Everything is possible, but with the best glue of course. Good for you and for the customer. View our glue and glue accessories here.

  • Stuck on You – Super Bonder SAMPLE 3ml


    Stuck on You – Super Bonder has many benefits, but the most amazing thing is that it increases retention by over 30%.

    It increases the flexibility of the adhesive and improves the adhesion of the lash extensions to the natural lash, and helps reduce adhesive fumes and irritation to the client’s eyes.

    Super Bonder speeds up the drying time of the glue, allowing your client to wet her lashes three minutes after the treatment.

  • Get Affection – Speed Up Solution SAMPLE 3ml

    An absolute must-have for every eyelash stylist!
    This speed-up solution accelerates the curing process of the glue without a shock effect.
    When the Speed ​​up comes into contact with the glue, the Speed ​​up allows the glue to harden faster. This is very useful when the humidity is too low and glue that dry less quickly, but also to prevent stickies and to keep the fans in a nice shape (easy fanning).

    Low humidity: When the humidity is too low, apply the Speed ​​Up on the base of the eyelash extensions on the part where the extension enters the glue. The curing process starts and prevents stickies and falling of the extensions.

    Easy Fanning: if your humidity is standard and if you use the Speed ​​Up with the volume technique to prevent your fans from collapsing, then apply the Speed ​​Up Solution just above the base of the strip, so that the part where the fan is the glue goes in is free. This way you prevent your quick-drying glue from drying too quickly and you have no adhesion.
    You dip your fan in the glue and the Speed ​​Up Solution and it will  prevent the glue from comming upwards at the right point and this maintain your beautifully shaped fan.

    After applying the Speed ​​up, the curing process takes about 30 minutes. Then you can apply the eyelash strips again.

    We do not recommend using the Speed ​​Up Solution when the humidity is too high for your glue, otherwise you have the chance that the glue will dry too quickly.

  • Love Potion – Vitamin C Primer SAMPLE 3ml

    Convince yourself of the value of the Love Potion Vitamin C Primer with this sample package.

    Love Potion is here to change your lashlife!
    This new generation Primer is THE all in one primer. It cleans very thoroughly and removes all dirt and oils. It has a neutral Ph level (same as tear fluid), the primer does not burn and ensures a very good attachment with the glue.

    This Primer does not only cleans the eyelashes and ensures better adhesion, it also nourishes the eyelash with active ingredients which are carefully selected and are packed with vitamins.
    Amino acids: takes care of the natural eyelashes
    Soy extract: keeps the lashes hydrated
    Biotin: stimulates hair growth and protects the eyelashes because it is has a lot of antioxidants
    Vitamin C: keeps the lashes healthy and prevents the lash from breaking.

    The Love Potion optimizes a humidity that is too low, because it allows the adhesive to harden faster. The primer is PH Neutral, and therefore close to the PH values ​​in the lotions of the Lash Volume Lift, this is also the best pre-treatment for an eyelash lift treatment to achieve fantastic results.

    Note: With very fast-drying glue and the right humidity, we recommend using the Sweet Kiss Cleaner or Mrs. (always) Right Alcohol-free Cleaner after applying the Love Potion to prevent the glue from hardening too quickly and therefore losing its retention.
    In this way, with the right humidity, you can still use the fantastic benefits that the Love Potion has to offer, also with very fast-drying glue.

    Directions for use: apply the primer with an applicator on the natural lashes and let it dry for 10-20 seconds. For a even better result, use the Mrs. Right Glue Dry Liquid.

    3 ml
    Made in EU

  • Super Bonder – Stuck on You


    A new generation Lash Cosmetics!

    Always encapsulate the fumes immediately after the treatment with our Glue Dry Liquid to prevent irritation and the possibility of an allergic reaction.

    Glue Dry Liquid increases the retention with more that 30% because it adds elasticity to the fixation which makes the glue less susceptible to breaking.
    Cyanoacrylaat isn’t flexible in nature, which is the reason that the eyelashes can come off after a while.

    With the addition of Biotine, better known as vitamin B7, the eyelashes will stay hydrated, healthy and strong.

    Instructions: Add a drop of Glue Dry Liquid on a micro-brush  after the treatment and apply this to the fixation of the extensions.

    Beware; this product is not suitable when an allergy has recently been developed to glue!


  • INSANE All Season Glue


    insane; a glue that can be used in all seasons! This is because it is effective at a humidity between 30% and 90% and a temperature of up to 35°C. This adhesive is very low in vapour, is oil and water resistant and is a very strong adhesive with up to 12 weeks retention. This glue has a drying time of 0.5-1 second and is therefore only suitable for the advanced eyelash stylist.

  • Sweet Love Sensitive Glue


    An adhesive based on Butyl acrylate. Butyl acrylate is used in hospitals as a skin glue and is also the most friendly glue for the eyes. This glue has no fumes and only a slight odor. The reason this glue is not used as standard for eyelash glues is because it is normally weak and does not give the desired results in terms of drying time and retention. However, this glue is produced with a new technology, whereby we have a retention of 8 weeks with a drying time of 1 sec. Of course it remains an acrylic glue, so no guarantee can be given that no allergic reaction will occur.

  • Mini Fan

    Great for removing fumes and vapour from the client’s eye area to reduce the risk of sensitivities and let the glue dry faster.

  • SELECTED by Britt


    Our newest glue selected by our trainer Britt Gerritsen!

    A very powerful adhesive that can be used at any humidity below 90% and at a temperature between 18 and 27 degrees. This glue has little to no fumes.

    Drying time: 1 sec.

    Retention: 7-8 weeks


  • Glue stickers aluminum 300 pieces

    Glue stickers to stick on the lash holder or glue stone.

    300 pieces

  • Mini Jade Stone (2 pieces)

    Mini Jade Stone (2.5cm) packed per 2 pieces with a pink and a white mini Jade Stone.

    Put the eyelash glue on the stone when starting the treatment. Due to the low temperature of the stone, the glue does not dry out quickly.

  • Pink Flower Glue Cup (10 stuks)

    These glue holders are 1cm in diameter and have a sticker on the bottom so that you can easily place it on your lash holder. Due to the small, fairly deep recesses, the glue stays good for a very long time!

    Packed per 10 pieces

  • Let’s Break Up – Pink Gel Remover

    Gel Remover, to effortlessly remove the eyelash extensions.

    Apply the Gel Remover to the eyelashes with two microbrushes and let it sit for a few minutes. After that, the extensions can be removed effortlessly.

    Do not let the gel remover come into contact with the delicate/sensitive skin under the eyes.


    Made in EU

  • GET AFFECTION – Speed Up Solution

    An absolute must have for every eyelash stylist!
    This speed-up solution  speeds up the hardening process of the glue without a shock effect. When the speed-up comes into contact with the glue, it makes the glue hardens faster. This is really handy with a low humidity and slower drying glue, but also to prevent stickies and keep your fannings in a nice shape (easy fanning).

  • Oh My Lash easy fan liner

    Flirt – Easy Fan Liner


    Prevents that the eyelash line shifts upwards into your fan and causes it to shut.
    Apply 1mm from the bottom of the eyelash strip with the brush and apply further as you do normally.

    Works with all types of eyelash glues!

  • Glue Shaker


    Shake by hand for 1 minute or 10 sec with the glue shaker!

    The electric glue shaker takes 10 seconds to ensure that all components of the glue are well mixed. The glue shaker comes with 3 attachments.


    3 attachments

  • Eyelash glue cleansing towels

    Lint-free cleansing towels to remove the eyelash glue in a responsible way.

  • So Addicted 0.2-0.5 sec


    Our newest glue! So Addicted

    A very strong adhesive with a drying time of 0.2 – 0.5 Sec. Due to the fast drying time, this glue is only suitable for the very advanced eyelash stylist.

    Humidity: 40%-70%

    Temperature: 18-23 degrees

    Retention: 6-8 weeks

    Content: 5g

     14,25 32,50
  • Attitude Upgrade Version 1 sec /5g


    Our bestseller Attitude has gotten an upgrade! This one can be used with a humidity level between the 15% and 80% with a temperature between 15 and 30 degrees. Of course it is still low in fumes!
    Drying time: 1 sec.
    Amount: 5g

    Available in 2g

     14,50 26,95
  • Attitude Extreme Master Adhesive 2 sec.


    Onze bestseller Attitude!

    Deze lijm is te gebruiken met een luchtvochtigheid tussen de 15% en 80% en bij een temperatuur tussen de 15 en 30 graden. Deze lijm is laag in dampen.

    Droogtijd: 2 sec.

    Ook verkrijgbaar in 0.5 sec en 1 sec droogtijd

    Verkrijgbaar in 2g en 5g


     14,50 26,95
  • Wegwerp lijm houders (10 stuks)

    Disposable Glue Holder (10 Pieces)


    For a longer shelf-life for your glue drops
    10 pieces

  • Set of 3 glue nozzles

    does the nozzle of your glue no longer work? You can change these yourself, so make sure you have them in stock!

  • Hygrometer/Thermometer



  • Crystal Block

    A crystal stone with a concave. The drop of glue will remain longer than on a flat stone, because  the side of your drop is protected. Use with glue stickers or aluminum foil to keep the stone clean.

  • Sponge Tweezer cleaner

    Sponge Tweezer Cleanser


    A sponge for quick, effective and safe removal of glue on your tweezer.

  • Jadestone


    Put the glue for the eyelashes on the rock when you start the treatment. Due to the low temperature of the rock, the glue won’t dry out as quick.

  • Crystal Lijmsteen Roze

    Crystal glue stone Pink

    Use the Crystal Stone to keep your glue during the treatment. Because of the low temperature of the stone, the glue will dry at a slower rate.

  • Lijmstickers Klein

    Glue stickers small (100 pieces)

    Glue stickers that can be placed on a glass plate or glue rock.
    100 stickers per package.


Ordering eyelash extension adhesive online

Oh My Lash offers a remarkable range of 10 different adhesive products for eyelash extensions! We have the largest selection available in the Netherlands. Our eyelash extension adhesives come with various drying times. If you’re a beginner lash stylist, we recommend opting for an adhesive with a longer drying time. But don’t worry, we have plenty of options for experienced stylists as well! In addition to adhesive products, we also offer various accessories for eyelash extension adhesives, such as disposable glue cups, extra nozzles, or a vacuum glue container.

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