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Are you looking for the perfect mascara brush? We supply mascara brushes in different colors, even with glitter! View our range of microbrushes.

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Mascara brushes

Mascara brushes, also eyelash brushes are an essential tool for combing eyelash extensions during and after treatment. You also use a mascara brush during an eyebrow treatment to comb the hair or apply a brow jam to the customer.

It is possible to give a mascara brush to your customer after the eyelash extension treatment. This way, the customer can regularly brush his or her eyelashes to prevent tangles and maintain a long-lasting beautiful result.


You can easily apply a primer and bonder with a micro brush. There is a small tuft of absorbent cotton at the end of the regular micro brush. But we also have the cylinder microbrushes in our shop. This variant has a longer surface with cotton. This makes the cylinder micro brush ideal for a lash lift treatment or eyebrow treatment. Moreover, this micro brush does not leave any fibers behind, because they are special fiber-free brushes.