Tape & Eyepads

A good tape or eyepad can of course not be missed with an eyelash treatment. Ranging from super soft 3M Microfoam Tape to strong surgical Micropore Tape. We have it all. View our range of tapes and eyepads.

  • Silicone Tape Pink & White

    The White Silicone tape is very suitable for masking the lower lashes, also for sensitive skin.

  • Pink Tape


    The must-have tape for eyelash stylists to mask the lower eyelashes before applying  the eyelashextensions and/or to lift the eyelid/inner-outer corners.

    This medical pink tape is the newest eyelash innovation from Japan. It is latex free and hypoallergenic. The tape is soft on the skin and can be removed painlessly but still sticks very well. The tape is water resistant and breathable.

  • Strong transpore tape

    Good adhesive tape.

  • Japanese Tape

    This white perforated tape is stretchable and therefore flexible. It has a strong adhesion, but can be removed painlessly for the customer. The eyelash hairs are clearly visible, because of the bright white background.

    Hypoallergenic, latex free and breathable. 

  • Hydro Gel Eye Pads (10 pairs)

    Because of the perfect size and the handy notches, these eye pads fit every face shape.
    Thin and with extremely good adhesive power, this is very pleasant for the stylist to work with.
    This is not only comfortable for the customer, but because of the addition of vitamin C and Aloe extract, it is also caring and suitable for sensitive skin.

    Hydrogel, Glycerol, Aloe extract, Vitamin C.
    10 pairs

  • Mini Hydro Gel Eyepads

    Mini Hydro Gel Eyepads (10 pair)

    These lint-free gel eyepads are used to cover the bottom eyelashes.

  • 3M Micropore Silicone Tape

    The 3M Micropore Silicone tape is suitable to tape down the lower lashes, also for the sensitive skin

  • Micropore Tape

    Micropore Tape


    Strong surgical tape for taping of eyelashes, causes no irritation to the skin.

  • 3M Transpore Tape

    3M Transpore Tape

    This ‘breathing’, porous tape is specially developed to prevent skin irritation and therefore ultimately fit for an eyelash treatment.

  • Microfoam Tape


    This soft tape is loved bij most eyelash stylists!

    Microfoam is an adhesive tape with a foam rubber backing (PVC), flexible and elastic, provided with a hypoallergenic adhesive layer bases on acrylic. Microfoam is therefore hypoallergenic, lets the skin breathe and is pliable in both directions

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